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Vzyadoq Moe

Band formed: 1986

A highly original and fascinating rock band with a truly unique sound, Vzyadoq Moe was formed in the interior of the state of São Paulo in the late 1980’s. Their aggressive, dark and unpolished lo-fi sound is stark contrast to the usual overproduced and polished rock and pop music of that time. Appart from their hightly unique sound, the band's lyrics ( though decidedly odd) are heads and sholders above typical main stream rock lyrics.

Recommended album:
1989 - O Ápice

1989 - O Ápice
1999 - Hard Macumba

Examples of Vzyadoq Moe's music

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O Ápice (1989)
Não há morte (1989)
Redenção (1989)





Vzyadoq Moe, album cover

Vzyadoq Moe.