Great Brazilian Music

Seu Jorge

Born: 1984

Drawing much inspiration from the samba of the likes of Jorge Ben, Seu Jorge has risen from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro to become one of Brazil’s most popular artists. On his relatively low key album Cru, from 2004, Seu Jorge proved that he has one of the most impressive and soulful voices in contemporary Brazilian music.

Recommended albums:
2004 – Cru
2007 - América Brasil

2001 - Samba Esporte Fino
2004 - Cru
2005 - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions
2007 - América Brasil
2009 – América Brasil ao Vivo
2010 - Seu Jorge & Almaz
2011 - Músicas para Churrasco, Vol. 1

Examples of Seu Jorge's music:

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Tive Razão (2005)
Don’t (2005)





Seu Jorge.