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The samba-jazz genre is very closely related to bossa nova and the artists and performers of the two genres are in many cases overlapping, like for example Milton Banana Trio, Johny Alf, Tamba Trio and so on. Samba-jazz also appeared as a genre around the same time as bossa nova - that is during the late 1950's and early 1960's. However, while bossa nova was basically created as new way of playing samba, while also incorporating some elements of North American jazz, samba-jazz is simply a straight forward mix between jazz and samba, often with jazz as the dominating feature. Since the 1970's, samba jazz has also been subject to different kinds of fusions with Brazilian soul and samba-soul.

Example of samba-jazz

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Arrastão, Milton Banana Trio, 1965
Coisa no 4, Moacir Santos and Mário Adnet, 2001
Rapaz de Bem, Johnny Alf, 1961
Jacarandá, Luiz Bonfá, 1973
Coisa No 10, Moacir Santos, 1965
















Johnny Alf

Milton Banana Trio

Moacir Santos