Great Brazilian Music

Novos Baianos

Group formed: 1969

Brazil’s most famous “hippies” and also one of the most creative and exciting bands in the history of Brazilian popular music. The band’s mix of samba and other traditional music styles from Brazil with finely tuned rock is irresistibly contagious and their 1972 album Acabou Chorare is generally considered as one of the best albums ever recorded in Brazil.

Recommended albums:
1972 – Acabou Chorare
1974 – Novos Baianos

1970 – É Ferro na Boneca
1972 – Acabou Chorare
1973 – Novos Baianos F.C.
1974 – Novos Baianos
1974 – Vamos pro Mundo
1976 – Caia na Estrada e Perigas Ver
1977 – Praga de Baiano
1978 – Farol da Barra

Examples of Novos Baianos' music:

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Brasil Pandeiro (1972)
Tinindo Trincando (1972)
Acabou Chorare (1972)




Novos Baianos.