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Nação Zumbi

Band formed: 1991

The most famous and popular band of the Pernambuco based mangue beat movement, mixing traditional north eastern music styles, as maracatu, with modern rock. The heavy maracatu drum fused with a barbed wire like guitar sound has become something of a trade mark for the band. When the band’s lead singer and songwriter Chico Science died in a tragic car accident in 1996, most people thought it was the end of Nação Zumbi. However, the band has continued to produce exciting music, with new singer Jorge du Peixe.

Recommended albums:
1994 - Da lama ao caos
2000 - Radio S.Amb.A
2002 - Nação Zumbi

1994 - Da lama ao caos
1996 - Afrociberdelia
1998 - CSNZ
2000 - Radio S.Amb.A
2002 - Nação Zumbi
2005 - Futura
2007 - Fome de Tudo

Examples of Nação Zumbi's music

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Da Lama ao Caos (1994)
Computadores fazem arte (1994)
Corpo de Lama (1996)
Meu maracatu pesa uma tonelada (2002)



Nação Zumbi.

Chico Science, former vocalist of Nação Zumbi.