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Funk Carioca

Funk carioca (or “baile funk”, as the genre often referred to outside of Brazil) is a Brazilian music style which has grabbed quite a lot of attention in Europe and North America in recent years. It is a unique kind of funk, inspired by the North American Miami Bass (a subgenre of hip hop) scene of the 1980’s. Funk carioca was invented by DJ’s in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in the 1990’s, where older Brazilian songs were remixed. The parties where the new kind of music was played were called bailes funk – hence the international name of the genre. The parties as well as the music style became very popular among Rio de Janeiro's youth (also from the middle class) during the late 1990’s and from there it spread to the rest of Brazil.

Funk carioca is very much characterized by its heavy beats and samples of 1980’s synthesizers. The lyrics are often sexually explicit or contains violence or “crude” humor. This fact has been much criticized by the cultural establishment.

Among the best and most popular artists within the two decades long history of funk carioca are Claudinho & Buchecha, Taty Quebra Barraco, Os Caçadors, MC Papo, Bola de Fogo, MC Leozinho and MC Leozinho Primo. A lot of good funk carioca music can be found on a couple of excellent compilations by DJ Marlboro, who also was one of the genre's first front figures.

Examples of funk carioca

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Pavaroty, MC Jack e Chocolate, 2005
Chapa Quente, Os Tchutchucos, 2005
Cabelo Encolhecu, MC Frank, 2004
Ha ha ha, MC Digão, 2004
Diretoria, MC Primo, 2004

Compilation album of funk carioca