Great Brazilian Music


Since the late 1990’s, almost all genres of Brazilian music have been mixed with electronica. Drum'n'bass in particular got a strong foothold in Brazil at an early stage and drum'n'bass artists DJ Marky and DJ Patife, both from São Paulo, achieved significant success in Europe and North America. Other prominent Brazilian electronica artists are DJ Dolores, DJ Marcelinho da Lua, Instituto and Cibelle.

One of the pioneers when it comes to mixing samba and bossa nova with electronic music was Mitar Subotic – or Suba, as he called himself as an artist. On his first album, São Paulo Confessions, he elegantly mixed bossa nova and samba with different electronic sounds. Sadly, Suba passed away in a tragic accident shortly after the release of São Paulo Confessions.

The concept of combining electronica with samba, bossa nova and MPB received its definitive breakthrough in Brazil, when singer and multi-instrumentalist Fernanda Porto released her eponymous debut album in 2002. The album, which primarily brings together drum'n'bass and contemporary, high quality bossa nova, was nearly unanimously hailed to the skies by the critics. And especially the song Sambassim became a radio and dance floor hit.

Examples of Brazilian electronica

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Você gosta, Suba, 1998
Sambassim, Fernanda Porto & DJ Patife, 2002
Preta Menina, Mugomango, 2002
Je suis un lac, Mugomango, 2002
Palafita Sunrise, Marcelinho da Lua, 2004
Deixa, Cibelle, 2003
Não me deixe só, Vanessa da Mata & Ramilson Maia, 2003


Cover of Suba's album São Paulo Confessions

São Paulo, the capital of Brazilian electronic music.