Great Brazilian Music

Carlinhos Brown

Born: November 23, 1962

A master of the rich tradition of rhythms and percussion in the state of Bahia, Carlinhos Brown was one of the most talented and colorful artists to emerge on the Brazilian popular music scene during the 1990’s. In the beginning of his career, Carlinhos Brown was the front figure of Timbalada. As a solo artist, he has made several very successful collaborations with Marisa Monte and Arnaldo Antunes.

Recommended album:
1996 - Alfagamabetizado
2002 - Tribalistas

1996 - Alfagamabetizado
1998 - Omelete Man
2001 - Bahia do Mundo, Mito e Verdade
2002 - Tribalistas
2003 - Carlinhos Brown é Carlito Marrón
2004 – Candyall Beat
2007 - A Gente Ainda Não Sonhou
2010 - Adobró
2010 - Diminuto

Examples of Carlinhos Brown's music

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Tour (1996)
Seo Zé (1996)
Carlito Marrón (2003)
I wanna Lú (2003)


Carlinhos Brown.