Great Brazilian Music

Ataulfo Alves

Born: May 2, 1909, Died: April 20, 1969

One of the most famous samba composers of all time, Ataulfo Alves wrote and recorded songs well before the LP disc was launched. His work has been recorded and sung by countless other artists and many of his compositions are among the most beloved within Brazilian popular music in general and the samba genre in particular.  

Recommended album:
1966 - Eternamente Samba

1959 - Ataulfo Alves e Suas Pastoras
1962 - Meu Samba... Minha Vida
1966 - Eternamente Samba
1968 - Ataulfo Alves e Seus Sucessos
1968 - Ataulfo Alves e Muito Samba
1970 - Ataulfo Alves

Examples of Ataulfo Alves' music

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Vassalo do Samba (1966)
Laranja Madura (1966)
Mulata Assanhada (1969)



Ataulfo Alves.