Great Brazilian Music

Arnaldo Baptista

Born: July 6, 1948

Together with Rita Lee and Sérgio Dias, Arnaldo Baptista formed the famous psychedelic band Os Mutantes, who also was among the main attractions of the tropicalist musical revolution in Brazil in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. As a solo artist, Arnaldo Baptista retains some of the quirkiness of the Mutantes years, but his music is much more low key and melancholic.

Recommended albums:
1974 - Lóki?

1974 - Lóki?
1981 - Singin' Alone
1987 - Disco Voador
1988 - Elo Perdido
2004 - Let It Bed

Examples of Arnaldo Baptista's music

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Vou me afundar na lingerie (1975)
Cacilda (2004)




Arnaldo Baptista in the 1970's.