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Secos & Molhados

Band formed: 1971

Legendary Brazilian band formed by João Ricardo (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Ney Matogrosso (vocals) e Gérson Conrad (vocals and guitar). With their unique sound (mixing glam rock, folk and MPB) and their exhuberant visual style and make-up (predating the emblematic black and white make-up of British rock group Kiss, though nothing suggests Kiss got their idea from Secos & Molhados).

The band quickly became extremely popular, though the sexual ambivalence in the band's on stage image caused some controversy. After only two albums recorded and released, the charismatic front figure and lead singer of the band, Ney Matogrosso, left for a solo career in 1974.

Recommended albums:
1973 - Secos & Molhados
1974 - Secos & Molhados (II)

1973 - Secos & Molhados
1974 - Secos & Molhados (II)
1978 - Secos & Molhados (III)
1980 - Secos e Molhados (IV)
1980 - Secos & Molhados ao vivo no Maracanãzinho (1974)
1988 - A Volta do Gato Preto
1999 - Teatro?
2000 - Memória Velha

Examples of Secos & Molhados' music

Sangue Latino (1973)
Rosa de Hiroshima (1973)
Prece Cósmica (1974)
Flores Astrais (1974)



Secos e Molhados
Secos & Molhados.