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Impacto Cinco

Band formed: early 1970's.

Rock band from the city of Natal, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. They are mostly famous for their 1975 album, Lágrimas Azuis, which is widely considered one of the best Brazilian rock albums ever. Band members were Etelvino Caldas (electric piano, keyboards, organ and vocals) Lulinha (vocals), Joca Costa (guitar), Clauton (drums, percussion, backing vocals) e Poty Lucena (bass guigar and backing vocals).

Recommended album:
1975 - Lágrimas Azuis

1973 - Impacto V
1975 - Lágrimas Azuis
1983 - Rio Potengi

Examples of Impacto Cinco's music

Tudo vai mudar (1975)
Carmen, Carmen (1975)
Mãos de Seda Coracão de Ferro (1975)




Impacto Cinco
Impacto Cinco.