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Camisa de Vênus

Band formed: 1980.

One of the best rock bands ever in Brazil, Camisa de Vênus was formed in the city of Salvador, Bahia, in 1980. Their style is a distinctly Brazilian rendition of punk rock and new wave rock. One of the band's main trade marks was always their often clever and very cynical lyrics. The band name, "Camisa de Vênus" is actually a slang word for condom. During the first albums the band was formed by charismatic front figure Marcelo Nova, together with Karl Hummel, Gustavo Mullem, Aldo Machado and Robério Santa.

Recommended album:
1998 - Diplomacia

1983 - Camisa de Vênus
1984 - Batalhões de Estranhos
1986 - Viva (live)
1986 - Correndo o Risco
1987 - Duplo Sentido
1995 - Plugado! (live)
1996 - Quem É Você?

Examples of Camisa de Vênus' music

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Camisa de Venus
Camisa de Venus.